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Machinery and Electronic Products Fair held

Post time: 2011-07-22  Clicks: 2749

It is reported that in 2011 Russia (East Nanjing) Machinery and Electronic Products Exhibition Fair will be July 6 to 8 in East County held indoor and outdoor exhibition area of ​​68,000 square meters, the establishment of means of transport exhibition, exhibition of construction machinery, agricultural machinery exhibition, appliances and electronics exhibition, Russia electromechanical exhibition, more than 10 exhibition. During the exhibition, will host the 2011 China-Russia (East Nanjing) Machinery and Electronic Products Exhibition Fair opening ceremony of the signing ceremony of Sino-Russian border investment and trade fairs, promotion of Sino-Russian mechanical and electrical products, overseas study tours and other activities。 By then, the Russian government, local governments, business associations, and entrepreneurs of the two representatives will participate in the fair。


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