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Eleven ministries issued export of electromechanical products to promote sustained and healthy development of mechanical and electrical industry views

Post time: 2011-07-22  Clicks: 2609

News: Yesterday, the NDRC website disclosed that recently, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Development and Reform Commission and other eleven ministries jointly issued "on the" five-second "to promote the export of electromechanical products during the sustained and healthy development view", stressing that "ten 25 "period, accelerate the development of technology, brand, quality and service as the core competitiveness of the new advantages, export promotion, structural transformation and upgrading.

Silver Teng forward-looking financial information analyst Sun Xudong: 11 ministries issued a sustained and healthy development of electromechanical products export of views will bring significant role in promoting the mechanical and electrical industry, will significantly promote the enterprises to improve product quality, increase R & D investment, enhance brand awareness, industry will usher in a good opportunity for product updates. In the great process of adjustment of export structure, R & D strength, high-profile companies to benefit significantly, such as Sany Heavy Industry (600031 (stock it), etc. The company international vision, if the realization of successful listing of H shares, will further enhance the company's international reputation and competitiveness, which will lay a good foundation for long-term development。

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