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Shanghai QuChen& Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is a morning song of science, industry and trade as one of the professional commitment to R & D

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Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai QUCHEN early August 2011 website on-line

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To strengthen our network marketing business, through internal and Cooperation (sent Qi PAIKY) of unremitting efforts, Chen Qu Shanghai Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co。, Ltd。 new website and we finally met。 Thanks for the site in this effort to pay off all the members! In addition, the website of the relevant information we will gradually add sound, and stay tuned! For more information about the company welcomed the electrical consulting, Tel: 021-58410811.



More Contacts

Jun An Wang (Manager)

TEL: 86 21 58410811

FAX: 86 21 58410812

MOBILE: 13391022680



Address: Shanghai Pudong New Area, three gold Yi Road No. 30 Town


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