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Shanghai QuChen& Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is a morning song of science, industry and trade as one of the professional commitment to R & D

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Shanghai QuChen Mechanical & Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.. is a morning song of science, industry and trade as one of the professional commitment to R & D, manufacturing, no oil, quiet, dry air compressors, small adsorption dryer and oil-free compressor joint-stock companies, strong technical force, advanced production and testing equipment and complete, has established quality assurance system ISO9001 ~ 2000, and through third-party certification. The company always adhere to people-centered thinking, adherence to the "integrity first, quality first" business purposes, through scientific management, improve service, and gradually established a leading-edge products, won the domestic and foreign users。

Features: reliable, low maintenance, low vibration, low noise, small size, beautiful appearance, simple operation, maintenance-free。

Application: Our products are widely used: medical, laboratory, water treatment, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, printing, shipping, machinery, textile, petrochemical, electronics, instrumentation, painting, tobacco, nitrogen, food processing, optical and other fields.

Telephone service 24 hours smooth, so you feel more efficient service, professional staff to conduct quarterly telephone survey and inspection tours to ensure that users throughout the mind. Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. Song Chen has been factory tuned all the company technicians have been rigorous technical training。 Our life-long commitment to providing customers with the most favorable prices of spare parts.

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